rogranex birou# We execute the stations of processing aggregates for quarries and ballast pits from the phase of conception until putting them into operation.

# Designing technological fluxes with equipments for quarries and ballast pits.
Designing metallic constructions.
Designing hydraulic equipments.

# Designing is executed with the help of the latest CAD programme.

# Speciality consulting in the field of quarries and ballast pits. Preparing speciality studies in order to open new production capacities. Feasibility studies and studies for the recultivation of exploited zones.

# Import of construction equipments and equipments for road, quarry and ballast pit construction, asphalt stations; new and second hand equipments as well as spare parts for these types of equipments.

# Import of spring steel wire screens and polyurethane screens for any kind of screens. The screens are of high quality and we import them from Gustav Meister - Germany as a unique representative.

# Our specialists have the best technical experience within the domain of manufacturing quarry and ballast pit aggregates. We own the know-how of the latest technologies in the field. Therefore we can meet the most exigent needs of our clients.

TUV# ISO 9001: 2008, the team of specialists with a vast experience is the guarantee of quality and satisfaction of our customers.

 Our company is a Romanian-German joint venture company and the majority shareholder is  Bayer. Wald Granitwerke K.A. Thiele GmbH & Co.


# Design, control, manufacturing, mounting, putting into service and training when putting into service are elements concentrated in one hand through which we can ensure the highest quality.

We ensure our clients best service with spare and wear parts.
We are at our clients disposal with further information.

rogranex birou



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