• 537268 LELICENI nr. 29/A Judet Harghita, România

RogranexAbout us

We manufacture quarry and gravel-pit aggregate processing plants, from their conception phase until their commissioning.
Design and setting up of technological processes for quarries and gravel-pits.
Design of metal structures.
Hydraulic equipment design.
Designing is done with the most advanced CAD program.
Expert advice in relation to quarries and gravel-pits. Drawing up of specialized studies concerning the opening of new production capacities. Feasibility studies and recultivation studies with regard to previously exploited areas.
We import second-hand machinery, repair them and provide spare parts.
We import steel wire mesh nets and polyurethane webbing for any type of sieve. The nets are of high quality and we import them from Germany as the sole representative of the company Gustav Meister.
Our company’s specialists have the best technical expertise in the field of quarry and gravel-pit aggregate processing. We own practical knowledge on the most modern technologies in the field, thus we can satisfy the most demanding customer requirements.
ISO 9001: 2008 and our team of specialists with extensive experience constitute the guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.
Designing, inspecting, manufacturing, assembling, commissioning and commissioning-related training are elements concentrated in one hand, which is why we can deliver the highest quality.
We provide our customers with the best quality spare and wear parts. Our extensive reference list is the expression of many satisfied customers.

RogranexCompany History



The representatives of two German companies with more than 70 years of experience in the field, Thiele Granit, through Mr. Gerhard Thiele, and Wilhelm Geiger GmbH & Co., through Mr. Josef Geiger, as well as Lázár István , an engineer with over two decades of experience, decided, in Munich, to set up SC ROGRANEX SRL.

The construction of the first industrial building in Leliceni is completed


The second production site at the same location is completed

The first complex processing plant at Raiffeisen Winzer in Germany is set up




RogranexOur team

Albert László

CEO (0040 729 138135)

Lázár István

CFO (0040 729 138138)

Csont Domokos

Commercial director (0040 729 138137)

Burján László

Development director (0040 729 138136)

Zakariás Béla

Design director (0040 729 806631)